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Tranquil Home away from home

We are a private mental health hospital that specialises in the treatment of depression, bipolar disorder and post-traumatic stress syndrome, amongst other conditions. We provide a holistic and comprehensive treatment program that takes place in a relaxing and safe environment. Take comfort knowing that our highly trained staff and Doctors at Fishawellness Hospital will care for you and your needs.

Mental Wellness

In these stressful times one cannot afford to neglect their mental health. At Fishawellness Hospital your mental wellbeing is our main priority.

Expert Healthcare

Our team of trained Doctors, Nurses and mental health specialists ensures that all our patients receive the best care, tailored to their needs.

Treatment Accomodation

Fishawellness allows for those with acute emotional and psychological health problems to take time out in a calm, caring environment. Round the clock medical staff ensures that every patient receives the very best care.

Advanced Establishment

Our hospital moved with the time, we are constantly searching for new technology to help better heal and understand out patients. We are currently developing a software to help asses admitted patients.

Knowledgable Staff

With many years experience in the mental health field between them you can rest assured that each of our medical staff will give the most advanced care around.

Hands on treatments

Our holistic approach to healing means we tackle not only the medical side of mental health but also focus on each patient as an individual with different wants and needs.


Staff onsite


Happy Clients


Hugs given

Feeling stressed?

Given the demands of modern life it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed.

Something worrying you?

Anxiety can disrupt your life and in some cases can result in physical side-effects.

Need someone to talk to?

Asking for help is hard, but your first step to recovery.

Speak to our trained professionals.

Our kind, non-judgmental staff will to listen to your every concern.

Receive the best care from our staff.

Our highly trained and caring staff are here to help.

Full physical & mental assessments.

Our holistic approach means that we target both physical and mental concerns.

Quality overnight accommodation.

Our quality in-patient programme ensures that each valued patient receives 24 hour care.

We provide more.

At Fishawellness Hospitals we know that healing takes more than prescriptions and pills.

Meet our team of professionals